Waterford Raceway as a Motor Sport body shall consist of the following formal organizational committee to ensure efficient and equitable management and administration of all activities.
In the event of a casual vacancy on the committee the remaining officers shall have the power to appoint a replacement officer to fill the casual vacancy.This committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting.


It is recommended that officers will remain in office for three years; one third of the officers elected to the committee shall retire by rotation each year. (On a basis that the longest standing officers retire first) However this policy will be subject to availability of suitable replacements to facilitate such retirement by rotation.

That replacement officer shall hold office in all respects, as if he/she had been elected in the manner more particularly set out above.


In the event that the committee forms an opinion that it is in the best interest of the organisation that a particular officer be removed from office, (and cease to hold a position on the committee) then the committee have the power to remove such an officer. Election of a replacement officer shall be by nomination and election by the club members.

All decisions of the committee shall be passed by simple majority unless stated otherwise. In the event of a tie the chairman shall have the casting vote.

All decisions of the committee in relation to the affairs of the club shall be final and binding upon all members.

General meetings

General meetings shall be convened by the club Committee and will typically occur on the Monday night following a race day.

All members of the club shall be entitled to attend general meetings and make representation. In the event that any matter before the general meeting is put to a vote, each club member will be entitled to exercise one vote. Any resolution before the general meeting shall unless stated otherwise herein is passed by simple majority.

Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.  (I.e. absent members sending in a vote by another person or club member).


Disciplinary committee


At the AGM nominations will be taken to elect three club members to form a disciplinary committee to administer discipline in the organisation. Discipline will typically be necessary where:

  • A competitor or club member is found to be in breach of the rules and regulations of the organisation.
  • Use of strong and abusive language or behavior that may offend or bring the sport into disrepute.
  • Blatantly carrying out any unsporting or unsafe act on the race track or in the pits or spectator areas or public area.

Any competitor or member receiving discipline from the disciplinary committee shall have the opportunity to appeal the decision to the club committee at the next club meeting. The appeal must be made in writing and be lodged with the club secretary before the meeting starts.