• Normal Oval Race Days
  • Cross Rodding
  • Drifting
  • Rally Sprints
  • Time Trials
  • Demolition Derby
  • Testing Sessions
  • Other


Normal Race day

Every effort to be made to give each class a minimum of 3 races per day (weather and daylight permitting). Third round of races can be “All-In” races.

Classes may be run together if needed, (time restriction or lack of numbers etc.) but must be classed individually.

Typically any race for which championship points is being awarded will only have a trophy for 1st place. Other races will where possible provide a trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Alternative events


Rules, regulations and arrangements for alternative events will be decided at club meetings and published in writing well in advance of any particular event.

For practical reasons an event secretary may be appointed to look after entries etc. for the event.


It is not practical to outline rules for all alternative events in this book.


Following each alternative event the rules will be held on file and reviewed or revised for future use.