General Requirements

Adequate warning signs must be erected on public roads approximately 100 metres on either side of the entrance to the track.

Every effort must be made to avoid a queue of traffic onto the public road.


Where pits area is sufficiently large, transporters may be stored there

All pits areas should be positioned outside track, ie not in centre of track area.

Car transporters and race cars are not permitted in the spectator area. On a busy day transporters may be parked in centre of track (area between pits gate and bottom bends).


The responsibility of the club does not end until such time as all cars and people have departed from the venue.


The tricolour must be properly displayed at all race meetings.


A suitable and audible public address system will be provided at all events.


Grass / Loose Surface tracks

A rope must be used to mark the boundary of the track, pits, and spectator areas respectively.


A safety rope must be placed at a distance of 8m(25ft) from the boundary of the track.


A line of safety flags must be placed 10m(30ft) from the safety rope.


Tyres, strong bales or other similar soft impact materials must be used to identify a minimum of 4 corners, with special emphasis being placed on the position of the last corner approaching the spectators.


Transporters should be positioned between safety rope and flags. It is recommended that these not be removed until racing has been completed.


Pike Hard Surface Track

The hard surface track at The Pike Dungarvan that is Waterford Raceway is the location at which the majority of racing and motorsport events will take place.


The track and adjoining spectator and pits areas are laid out to provide maximum safety to all concerned.


Safety and general facilities at the track are reviewed on an ongoing basis.


Fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher of at least 2.2kg dry powder type must be at hand at each flagging point and at Pits gate plus 1 in the centre of the track and on tow truck/Fork lift.

Fire extinguishers should be stored in an upright position at all times, and serviced regularly with a stamp to show same from reputable supplier.



A race meeting cannot take place without one ambulance with qualified personnel present. This should be positioned in a safe place with easy access to the track.


If the ambulance must leave the track then racing is to be suspended until such time as it returns.


For major events two ambulances may be required.