Full face helmets only allowed. (i.e. chin protection).

Unsuitable, damaged or those with paint or stickers other than the manufacturers original, will be held by either the Course Marshal and or scrutineer until racing is concluded for the day.

All helmets must comply with the following British Standards BS 2495-1960, BS 6658-1985, BS 8860-2004 or equivalent European Standard.

They should be of correct size with no side to side movement and be as close fitting as possible. Chin straps must be closed during racing.

Helmets must not be removed while car is moving on the track. Remove only when in pits area after race.

Visors/goggles must be worn at all times while racing. (with or without windscreen).

Helmets should be properly stored and transported safely. Solvents should not be used to clean helmets as they can have an adverse re-action with the helmet material of construction.

Accident damaged helmets must be replaced.

Helmets will be inspected at any time and should be presented at scrutiny.

Intercom systems

The use of mobile phones, intercom, CB radios or any other telecommunication devices allowing any persons to communicate with the driver while he/she is racing are prohibited.

Safety wear

Minimum single layer racing suits are compulsory. Any soiled or dirty suits or overalls will not be permitted.

Neck braces are compulsory for all drivers.

Racing gloves and shoes are optional but recommended.