Persons wishing to apply for a permit must first become a member of Waterford Raceway Ltd.


All intended new members must be proposed and seconded by existing club members.


Permit year extends per calendar year from the 1st January to 31st December.


Prices for permit will be announced annually at AGM.


Permit function

Permits must be inspected and signed at both entry and scrutiny. Any faults recorded at scrutiny must be rectified before the next meeting (safety issues may need to dealt with immediately on the day before racing is permitted).


A competitor’s permit number is their race number and must be displayed on their race car.

Permit numbers not renewed each year will be held only for a period of 2 years after which time they may be re-issued.


New applications

A new driver applying for a permit at a race meeting must have the appropriate fee, passport size photograph and a completed permit application form. This will then be processed by the competition secretary.

All permits will be returned for the next race day and will be accompanied by current rule book.


Applications made by any persons under 18 years of age must be signed by their parent or guardian.


Juniors must produce a birth certificate.


Renewal forms can be filled out prior to or at any days racing.

Application forms must be filled out fully in block capitals and signed, incomplete or illegible forms will be returned unprocessed. All forms must contain a mobile contact number to receive text messages.

All applicants must forward their permit forms together with appropriate fee, passport size photograph (photocopies not acceptable) to the competition secretary.


Drivers are not required to hold a road traffic driving licence to compete, however if an applicants road license is suspended by the courts for a grievous offence such as dangerous driving resulting in death or serious personal injury, or any offence for which permitting that driver to compete would bring the club into disrepute then their racing permit will be withdrawn. The club committee will have final decision in this regard.

Important Warnings


If a permit holder wishes to race with an organisation other than Waterford Raceway Ltd. they will not be covered or indemnified by any Waterford Raceway insurance policy.


Permit holders found driving hot rod cars on public roads will receive an automatic 12 month suspension. No exceptions to this rule.