• It is compulsory that all drivers have personal accident insurance. This is issued automatically as part of the drivers permit.


  • Waterford Raceway will take out personal accident insurance cover for marshals/officials.


  • For insurances purposes the public will not have authorised right of access to the race track, pits area or trailer unloading areas. Sufficient precautions must be taken to prevent access to these areas.


  • All chip wagons and traders or contractors must produce a copy of their public liability insurance cover indemnifying Waterford Raceway from any claim resulting from any activities carried out by them howsoever caused.


  • Race track(s) may be subject to inspection by an Insurance Official without prior notice.


  • All safety issues will be reviewed on a regular basis and upgraded as required.


  • All forms of motorsport are dangerous therefore all competitors, club members and their helpers, mechanics and families must at all times behave in a safe and responsible manner and assist in ensuring that the safety of others including children is preserved at all times.


Should any unsafe situation or hazard arise or be noticed during

  • an event it should be brought to the attention of a member of the Club Committee, Course Marshal or Commentator immediately.


  • Through vigilance and cooperation all members and competitors can help to ensure that the organisation is run in a safe manner and insurance costs are kept to a minimum by eliminating hazards and reducing risks.


  • A sign stating the following must be displayed at entrance from public road and in the pits area: