All permit holders must abide by all the rules and regulations of Waterford Raceway Limited


Any member who in any way discredits Waterford Raceway by misconduct shall be liable for suspension or dismissal.


Disciplinary action will be taken against competitors or club members who in any way violate the rules governing a race meeting, or bring the sport into disrepute.


Drivers will be held responsible for the conduct, safety and behaviour of their helpers/supporters and family members whilst they are at race meetings. Misconduct by helpers/supporters and family members may result in disciplinary action being taken against the relevant driver.


Persons who are suspected to be under the influence of drugs alcohol or, any illegal substance at a race meeting will not be permitted to race or officiate.


Members using insolence, objectionable language or misconduct towards any official person or persons will be disciplined. This includes the disruption of a race meeting.


Waterford Raceway will conduct all business in a professional manner and all club officials, members, all supporters, helpers, etc. are expected to do likewise.




Betting on races is strictly forbidden, any competitor or club member found to be engaging in such practices shall be suspended from all race meetings. Any competitor who is aware of gambling going on amongst his supporters or others should bring it to the notice of the club. This report will be held in confidence.


Sabotage or interference

These acts will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate suspension or prosecution in extreme cases.