• A race report which includes all incidents disqualifications and results must be generated and maintained on file at all times.
  • A record of all accidents/incidents to persons or property at race meetings must be maintained for reference in the event of insurance claim later.



Club secretary’s duties will include the following;

  • Recording minutes at club meetings.
  • Take entries at race meetings.
  • Maintain race reports and file same.
  • Generate and maintain all official correspondence.
  • General administrative duties as required.



This is the official in charge of stewarding arrangements at a race meeting.

Duties as follows;

  • To oversee all stewarding on the race day
  • To see that all efforts are being made to ensure adequate spectator control.
  • To see that all participants are following all safety precautions.
  • To see that all barriers are in place and that the track is safe for racing.

To see that no unauthorised personnel are permitted on to the race track.

  • To see that the spectator area is inspected for obstacles or hazards that may cause injury, any such hazards should where possible be removed or be clearly marked.
  • Photographs should be taken of the set up of the track, spectator area and pits from time to time and retained.
  • To ensure that there is liaison with first aiders and to ensure that all accidents / incidents are recorded and investigated.


Lap recorders

  • Lap recorders must be positioned in a safe location with adequate visibility of the start finish line and direct communication with start / finish marshal.
  • Waterford raceway will provide capable personnel for this task. Duties will include;
    • Recording all cars as they cross the finish line of each lap to generate results for the days racing.
    • Recording of incidents including black flags or cars that retire from the race.
    • Communicating with finish line and course marshal at all times as required.
    • Addition of points for championships where relevant.

Course marshal

The course marshal is the official in charge of racing. It is his/her duty to see that all race meetings are run in a proper manner, and in accordance with the rules and regulations.

He/she can instruct the flag persons on the day.

He/she may call a driver to warn them regarding any unsporting

conduct or unsafe behaviour on the track.

Recipients of black flags may ask the course marshal the reason for same in a calm manner and between races only. No other person other than the driver concerned may approach the course marshal regarding the incident.

The course marshal decision is absolute and final at all times.


Flag Persons

These are positioned at strategic points on the race track and control racing with the warning flags. They must wear reflective clothing and, be trained in the use of fire fighting equipment.

They will report and take direction from the course marshal only.

Flag person must report all white & black flags to Course Marshal.


The starting marshal

He/she is the official who is responsible for the start and finish of races and will liaise with lap recorders to indicate when last lap and finish flags to are to be given.

He/she will only start a race when given the all clear from the course marshal.



Waterford Raceway will provide a suitable commentator for race meetings for whose duties will include:

  • Keeping the spectators informed and involved in the proceedings of the day.
  • Encouraging the crowd to support the racing.
  • Every effort must be made to mention all the drivers where possible. (all drivers have supporters)
    • Keeping the meeting orderly and flowing by calling for next race while any given race is in progress.
    • Mentioning stalls and traders and sponsors.
    • Monitor what is happening on the day including in the pits and spectator areas and minimise dangerous activities and risks to unattended children that may be exposed to unnecessary hazards.
    • Mention forthcoming events.
    • Maintain continuity between races and when accidents are being cleared etc.
    • Note! Should a driver or other official or person be injured in an incident details where known must not be given over the public address to avoid unnecessary distress to any family members or friends that may be listening.




    Commentators must not:

    • Challenge marshals’ decisions or criticise them.
    • Try to influence marshals with remarks.
    • Belittle or insult the cars racing.
    • Swear or use strong and abusive language that may offend or bring the sport into disrepute.




    Officials and all club members must take action to ensure that pits areas are safe for spectators. Children must be accompanied by responsible adult at all times.


    The safety of competitors, marshals, spectators and children must be of utmost priority at all times.


    At the end of all race meetings drivers are responsible for removal of all loose parts which may have been removed from their cars during the day. These must be taken away and disposed of properly.


    The use of strong or abusive language is not permitted by any member and will result in disciplinary action or dismissal from the club.